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ELEONORA WHITE is an innovative British artist specialising in abstract resin creations, best known for her opulent, iridescent crystal sculpture paintings. White uses the properties of healing crystals and her belief in mental health awareness as the foundations of her art. These two concepts are incorporated into the work as a way to communicate through crystal inspired colours and Rorschach inkblot influenced shapes, with the viewer having a physical and emotional response to the art based on their own perceptions and personal experiences.

Foil based sculptures are hand crafted, painted and secured to the stretch cotton canvas before pigmented epoxy resin is poured which is then manipulated using a paintbrush to form varying tones and shapes. The pigments within the lustrous resin adapt according to the light, reflecting and absorbing the surroundings with the work becoming a part of the space it inhabits. The visuals of these glossy designs each evoke a serene balance. Avant-garde yet timeless. Resplendent yet neutral.

White relates her practice to wellbeing, meditation and mental health using the creation of her artwork as a way to manage these areas of life. She initially started painting as a form of therapy and it has since become an essential part of her lifestyle, enabling her to detach from technology and defer everyday distractions whilst she paints. The viewer is encouraged to adopt the same mindful, meditative state whilst observing her work, taking the time to be present and allowing the colour and form to have an impact on the mind and body. 

"Art doesn't need to be created with a contrived 'deeper meaning' in order for people to connect with it for their own reasons or simply just because it looks nice with their furniture” 


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